Just Perfect

Sequel to Perfectly Imperfect

Harry and Louis have just sent their first born son to University. Life is good for them and their 2 daughters, Darcy and Analaine, and their 2 sons, Jaymi and George. Darcy is maturing both mentally and physically, much to Louis’ displeasure. Jaymi and Analaine are just too curious for their parents’ liking. Harry and Louis continue to do their best to raise their remaining 3 children into successful young adults. Everything is perfect in their lives, in fact, it’s Just Perfect.

Warning: past mpreg

some language

word count: 4462

Chapter Six

“I got you aunt Daisy!” Darcy squeals as she throws a snowball at her aunt but quickly dodges the one she throws back.

The Stylinson family has been in Doncaster for 4 days now. Felicite had come home a day late because of the weather but either way, her family was ecstatic to see her.

It’s an early evening, all of the parents are out, leaving the kids at home to play. Jaymi and Analaine wanted to go with their parents but Harry and Louis told them that they were doing boring parents stuff that they wouldn’t like. The truth is, they had gone to do a little Christmas shopping. Just a little shopping because whatever they bought, they had to take back to London with them.

All of the kids are outside, playing in the 4 inches of snow in the front and back yard. They’re playing, what Darcy likes to call, snowball. It’s basically dodge ball with snowballs instead.

George, Daisy, Felicite, and Analaine are on one side of the game. Daniel, Jaymi, Phoebe, and Darcy are on the opposite side.

The twins are fun company but they’re only toddlers so they’re not that great at this game. Their aim is a little off. All of the older kids made a silent pack to not hit the twins with snowballs.

With a snowball rolled up and ready, Daniel sets his eyes on a certain semi curly haired 18 year old boy with the cutest face. When George has his attention on Darcy, Daniel makes his move, throwing the snowball at George but having it only graze him because he steps out of range.

“I hit you Stylinson, you’re out.” He calls to George but George only gives him the finger and says, “Fuck you!” jokingly to his boyfriend.

“I’d love to fuck you.” Daniel smirks as he runs over to the other side to give George a quick kiss.

“We’re on opposing sides, remember?” George asks when they both pull back.

“I remember.” Daniel steals one more kiss before jogging back over to his side of the yard with the rest of his teammates.

Jaymi decides, imitating everyone around him, to throw some snow at his twin sister.

George, being near Analaine, is the first to hear her say, “Fuck you!” to her twin brother. There’s just something really wrong about hearing a 2, almost 3 year old drop the f bomb. George understands she was imitating what he had said earlier but, shit, his parents would be really pissed if they knew about this.

“Everyone stop!” George exclaims at the snowballs flying this way and that. They immediately subside and he goes over to Analaine who is playing in the snow.

“Analaine, that is a very bad word and please don’t ever say it again.” George kneels down next to her, not sure how to handle this situation.

“What word?” She cocks her head to the side, not understanding what her brother was implying.

“You know, what you just said to Jaymi.”

“Fuck you?” She looks so innocent with her pretty eyes and baby face.

“Yes. Please don’t say that ever again.” George runs his hand through his hair, a habit that his mother does a lot.

“But, daddy and mummy say the word ‘you’ all the time.” She states, looking more confused than ever.

“Not the word ‘you’, the word before that.” George says, not wanting to repeat the word that starts with f and rhymes with duck.

Analaine thinks for a second before saying, “Fuck?”

“Analaine, please don’t ever say that word again. Mum and dad would kill me.” He says, wanting desperately for his toddler sister to understand.

“But, how can a word be bad?” She asks as Daniel comes over where the 2 of them are, hearing the whole conversation.

“The word is bad because it doesn’t make people happy.” Daniel says, George murmurs a silent thank you to his boyfriend.

“Oh, ok.” She says, going back to playing in the snow. George hopes that will be the end of it as they go back to playing snowball.


When the parents arrive back home it’s well into the evening and all of the kids are inside the house sitting by the fireplace, warming up, and watching a movie with the lights off.

“Mummy, daddy!” The twins exclaim, running over to their parents who give them hugs. Soon, Harry, Louis, Dan, and Johannah join their children in watching the move.

Louis is sitting on the floor next to George with Analaine in his lap.

“What did you guys do while we were gone?” Louis questions, brushing a strand of Analaine’s hair behind her ear as she looks up to answer his question. George sits next to Louis nervously, praying that Analaine had forgotten the whole ordeal with the snowball fight.

“We played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, and Daniel read us a Christmas book!” She says excitedly and George breathes a sigh of relief.

“Sounds like fun.” Louis smiles and kisses Analaine’s head. She returns the kiss and then turns back to face the tv, engrossed in the movie before she suddenly turns back around and says, “And I learned a new word.”

George mentally slaps himself. She’s 2 for crying out loud! She’s not good at keeping anything from her parents! That’s usually not a skill one acquires until age 9 or 10.

“Analaine, do you want Daniel to read another book?” George says, wanting to distract his sister from whatever she was going to say.

“Yes!” She exclaims as George stands up and gets Daniel to stand up with him, both of them ready to read Analaine a story.

“Before you go, I would like to hear more about this new word you’ve learned.” Louis raises his eyebrow at George and Daniel, sensing their anxiousness.

“George taught me how to say fuck you!” She looks up at her dad innocently, excited at the idea of expanding her vocabulary.

Louis’ eyes widen and Harry, who was sitting a ways away from Louis, gasps. Basically everyone in the room turns their head to the toddler, not expecting such a vulgar word like that to tumble out of her little mouth.

George just covers his face with his hand, and Daniel makes an ‘oh shit’ face.

“Hm, George taught you that word?” Louis glares up at his 18 year old son, furiously.

“Yep! George also said you and mummy would kill him.” Analaine states and Louis gives George a slight smile. Here’s the deal, it’s not a happy smile it’s a ‘you are in so much fucking trouble’ smile. Louis’ eyes say it all.

“George, Daniel, Harry, why don’t all of us go to the kitchen for a second?” Louis says as he picks up Analaine, setting her on the couch with her grandma. It it very bad that Analaine used that word but he and Harry will talk to her later. She’s not in trouble but right now, George, and possibly Daniel, are.

“So, who wants to explain what happened?” Louis questions once they get to the kitchen. Both he and Harry are staring daggers at Daniel and George.

“It was an accident. I had just forgotten where I was and who was around me. Analaine picked up what I said to Daniel and she repeated it.” George shrugs, looking away from his dad and mum.

“George, you may be 18 but there’s a time and a place for certain language and actions and right now, it isn’t here.” Louis says.

“We’re really sorry. George and I were just joking around.” Daniel states, feeling bad about what happened even though he didn’t have much to do with it.

“Fine, just please watch what you say around the twins. They pick up everything.” Harry sighs, dismissing the two boys and now Louis turns to glare at Harry.

“That’s it? We can’t just let them go like that?”

“What are we going to do? Ground them? Lecture them?” Harry questions and Louis just sighs. Harry’s right. They can’t really do anything.

“You’re right but we have one more problem we need to solve.” Louis says as he goes to get Analaine.

He comes back into the kitchen, holding her in his arms before setting her down so he and Harry could talk to her.

“What George said earlier today and what you just said isn’t appropriate, Analaine.” Harry begins and Louis continues.

“Mummy’s right. George was being bad when he said that and you don’t want to be bad, do you?” Louis says, trying his best to speak in a way a toddler could understand.

“But, how is saying fuck you bad?”

“Analaine, that word is bad because it has a very bad meaning.” Louis responds, desperately wanting to get this word out of his daughter’s mouth.

“What does it mean?” She cocks her head to the side and Louis sighs.

“It doesn’t matter what it means. The point is, the word itself is very disrespectful and we don’t ever want to hear you use it again. Do you understand?” Harry questions and Analaine nods.

“I promise to never say fuck you again.” She says and Louis puts his head in his hands. To be honest, he’s thinking of a few swear words himself.

“Analaine, listen to me closely. That word is very inappropriate and we don’t ever want to hear you say it again. It’s a very mean grown up word.” Harry enunciates, wanting to be 100% clear.

“Ok but what happens if I say it again?”

“You don’t want to know.” Louis says, the threat in his voice very clear to his 2 year old daughter who quickly decides that she should listen to her parents and never use that word again.


With just one little word, it created a little rebellious streak within Analaine. Louis and Harry know a rebellious streak when they see one, George had plenty of those when he was younger.

To begin with, Analaine obviously didn’t know the word was bad. After their little discussion in the kitchen though, she decided she liked the reactions she was getting from people so she continued saying it. After enough lectures and time outs Harry and Louis decided to ignore Analaine’s potty mouth. It was hard, as much as they wanted to punish her or yell, they kept a poker face.

Unsatisfied with that, Analaine let it go, much to her parents’ and grandparents’ relief. Sadly, it wasn’t the end and Analaine found other ways to get under her parents’ skin.

Currently, they only have one more day left at Louis’ parents’ house. The week, aside from Analaine, had been fun and it’s always nice to spend time with family but still, Harry and Louis are this close to giving her absolutely nothing for Christmas. She’s crossed way too many lines.

Right now, their last night in Doncaster, everyone is sleeping in the house, aside from Daniel and George who snuck off somewhere to make out or whatever it is 2 teenage boyfriends do, but Analaine can’t sleep. At her grandparents’ house, she and Jaymi still share a room and she can see that her brother is fast asleep but she’s not planning on doing this alone.

She crawls out of bed over to her brother’s bed.

“Wake up, Jaymi.” She says, shaking him awake.

“No, leave me alone, Ana!” Jaymi protests, sticking his thumb in his mouth and rolling over.

“Please, I can’t sleep. I wanna pway with daddy’s phone.” She whines. Louis had let her mess with his phone for a while but when she asked to play with it again, he had said no. It was totally unfair to her although he was using his phone at the time. She thought her daddy was being a meanie and now she wants to take his phone.

“Daddy said you couldn’t pway with it.” Jaymi says around his thumb.

“That was forever ago.” Analaine states when it had only been a few hours prior.

“Fine, Ana.” Jaymi agrees and he follows his sister as she leads the way out of their temporary bedroom over to the one their parents were in.

The door was closed but it wasn’t locked. Since Analaine and Jaymi couldn’t see a light on, they figured their parents were asleep. Mummy and daddy always told their children to knock if a door was closed whether or not it was locked. Analaine remembers this as she grabs the doorknob, stretching a bit to reach it and turns it.

She pushes the door open quietly, trying to be sneaky. Jaymi, not wanting to get in trouble, stands in the doorway leading to the dark hallway while his sister goes in. Analaine notes how dark it is in her parents’ room. They don’t have a nightlight like she and Jaymi do. The dark kind of scares her but she’s on a mission.

She’s not sure where to start looking when she hears someone shift in bed and she immediately freezes up.

It’s just Harry turning around to snuggle up to his husband. Harry is partially awake and Analaine hears her mummy whisper something to her daddy who whispers something back. She hears them share a sleepy kiss before falling back asleep.

Analaine waits for a while, afraid that her parents will wake back up. Once she’s sure they’re asleep with Jaymi still waiting in the doorway, afraid to leave his sister because she would be mad, Analaine goes over to a bedside drawer. She thinks it’s her daddy’s when she opens the drawer, feeling inside. She’s not sure where her daddy keeps his phone but she’s determined to find it.

Instead of a phone, she pulls out a small square of plastic. It’s a wrapper of some sort with something inside. She isn’t sure what it is but she feels more of them in the drawer. Satisfied with that search, Analaine closes the drawer, keeping the square wrapper in her hand to examine later.

After more searching, she finds a phone charger plugged into the wall and after following it and yanking down what it’s attached to, she has the phone in her possession.

She eagerly takes the phone in one hand and the square of plastic in the other outside of the bedroom, Jaymi on her heels. Analaine knows she shouldn’t snoop or steal. Mummy and daddy told her it’s bad but she doesn’t care.

When they get back to their own bedroom, she sits on her bed, Jaymi crawling up next to her.

“What’s that?” Jaymi questions pointing to the plastic square. His face, Analaine’s face, and the objects are all illuminated by their nightlight.

“I don’t know, it was in daddy’s stuff.” She examines the object in her hand that has a circular object inside. It’s dark blue with white writing on it. Since neither of them can read, they don’t what it says.

“Try and open it.” Analaine says as she hands the object to her brother while she presses a top button on the phone, igniting the screen.

Analaine thinks it’s so cool how you only have to touch the screen and it responds. The background lights up and it’s a picture of her mummy, Jaymi, Darcy, George, and her. They were all at the park last summer when her daddy took the picture.

Jaymi and Analaine are sitting in Harry’s lap on the park bench while Darcy and George are sitting on either side of the 3 of them. The trees are in the background of the picture while Harry has sunglasses on, blocking out the bright sun. All 5 of them are smiling big for Louis’ picture.

Darcy touches the screen and a little gray box with an arrow appears. She touches the arrow and drags it to the right like she saw daddy do once. Then, a bunch of numbers appear and 4 empty boxes underneath them. Analaine doesn’t want numbers, she wants to explore Louis’ phone.

She randomly touches 4 numbers and gets a big red rectangle at the top of the phone that says something, she’s not sure what.

She tries 4 different numbers but it still doesn’t work but Jaymi, on the other hand, is getting a lot more progress than Analaine. He’s able to open the little square package and pull out the circular object. It’s white around the edges with, what looks like, more plastic in the center. Jaymi messes around with it and finds that when he puts his finger in the center, the plastic-y part pokes out and stays like that.

Analaine glances over and she and Jaymi are both confused about this mystery round object they found in their daddy’s things.

“What does daddy do with this?” Jaymi questions, sticking his thumb back in his mouth.

“I don’t know.” Analaine shrugs, losing interest in that object and is more frustrated by the fact that she can’t get past these stupid numbers on the phone.

Analaine just sighs as she sets the phone on her bed. She can’t do anything with it unless daddy does it for her.

Jaymi is still fascinated with the circular plastic thing. He’s figured out that he can unravel it and make it longer and he also notices how it feels kinda slippery and slimy like it has lotion on it. In his toddler brain, he’s coming up with ways that his daddy uses it.

Maybe, it really is lotion on it and his daddy uses that thing instead of buying bottles of lotion.

“Ana, I think daddy uses this to put lotion on him instead of buying the bottle at the store.” Jaymi states and hands it to Analaine to feel. She realizes that it’s really slimy and reminds her of lotion as well so she agrees.

Satisfied with himself, Jaymi takes the object and the wrapper over to his side of the room. When he jumps off Analaine’s bed, he doesn’t realize that he hits the phone until it’s too late. With the impact of him jumping off the bed and the fact that he hit the phone, it goes crashing to the wood floor of the bedroom.

With complete and utter bad luck, it crashes screen first on the floor.

“Jaymi, look what you did!” Analaine exclaims loudly, dropping down to the floor to retrieve the phone. When she picks it up, she sees that the front screen is completely cracked. It reminds her of a spider web, the way each crack shoots in a different direction, all starting from the center of the phone.

“I d-didn’t m-mean too!” Jaymi exclaims, maybe a little too loud. He’s just tired of his sister blaming him and making him feel bad.

“Daddy’s gonna be mad and it’s all your fault!” Analaine accuses, pointing a finger at her brother whose eyes fill up with tears.

“It’s not my fault!” Jaymi shoots back.

“Yes it is!”

“No it isn’t!”

Amidst all the drama, Analaine and Jaymi had both forgotten they had left the door to their parents room open and not to mention, they were just down the hall. So, eventually, they would be awaken by the screaming and guess what, they definitely were.

While Jaymi and Analaine went back and forth, the tears spilling from Jaymi’s eyes, Louis and Harry immediately got out of bed, wanting to know why the twins were screaming.

With Louis in the lead, Harry right behind him, they make their way to the twins’ room, flipping the light switch to the on position. Once the overhead light illuminates the twins, they immediately stop yelling and quickly hide what was in their hands behind their back. Analaine still has the cracked phone in her hand and Jaymi still has the slimy plastic object and wrapper.

“I’m going to ask in a very calm manner and I would like you to respond in a very calm manner. Understand?” Louis questions and the twins nod. “What’s going on?”

So much for calm manner, the twins immediately start yelling and pointing at each other until Harry and Louis tell them to stop talking completely.

“One at a time. Jaymi, go first.” Harry states, pointing at Jaymi who is wiping his eye with one hand, the other still behind his back. The fact that their twins are hiding something behind their backs didn’t go unnoticed by Harry or Louis but they’ll get to that later.

“Ana stoled daddy’s phone and it broked and she said it was my fault but it wasn’t and she yelled at me and she made me cry!” Jaymi says, his words running together but Harry and Louis still understanding them.

“Analaine, is this true?” Louis questions, looking at his little toddler.

“Yes but it is Jaymi’s fault! He knocked your phone off the bed!” Analaine glares at her 10 minutes younger brother.

Louis takes a deep breath through his nose and lets it out through his mouth, knowing he’s gonna regret what he’s about to say.

“Show me what you have in your hands.” Louis states, addressing both kids but Jaymi and Analaine only look at each other, fearing they’ll be in trouble if they reveal what they’re hiding.

“Now.” Louis threatens giving them a look that tells them he’s not kidding and he’s not messing around. After seeing their daddy’s face, they immediately remove their hands from behind their backs, opening them to show their parents what they’ve been hiding.

Harry and Louis look at both of the objects, feeling equally pissed that their kids have them in their possession.

“Give them to me.” Louis holds out his hand as Jaymi and Analaine both place the objects in their daddy’s hand. Harry looks at the objects in his husband’s hand and takes his middle finger and thumb and massages the area right above each of his eyes.

Louis presses a button on his phone to see if it still works, it does. He can live with a cracked screen for now but what he can’t live with is the fact that his toddlers possessed one of his condoms.

“Where did you get this?” He questions, gesturing to the opened condom in his hand.

“I founded it in your drawer when I looked for your phone. You and mummy were sleeping.”

“Analaine, why were you snooping in our room?” Harry questions, not sounding happy, not at all.

“I just wanted to pway with daddy’s phone but it got broked. I’m sorry.” She replies and for the first time that night, cries herself.

“Analaine, it’s not nice to snoop in other people’s things.” Louis states, closing his hand around the condom so it’s out of sight.

“We’re very upset with you 2.” Harry says, looking at his 2 crying toddlers, their tears not affecting him at all.

“Yes, we are. Now, it’s very late and I want you 2 to get back in bed. We’ll talk about your punishment later.” Louis says, the tone in his voice tells them to do what he says and do it now.

Without hesitation, Jaymi and Analaine scramble to get in their beds, both of them sobbing messes.

“Daddy?” Analaine hiccups.

“What, Analaine?” Louis questions, it coming out a bit harsher than he intended.

“D-do y-you still love u-us?” She sobs even more, taking sharp intakes of breath.

Louis’ face immediately softens and Harry and Louis each go to one of the twins’ beds.

“Analaine, what ever you do, mummy and I will always love you.” Louis says, kissing her head.

“That goes for you too, Jaymi. Daddy and I will love you and Analaine no matter what.” Harry adds, giving Jaymi a kiss.

“Even if we do really b-bad t-things?” Jaymi asks his mother, hiccuping as well.

“Even if you do really bad things.” Harry assures him, giving Jaymi another kiss before standing up to leave with Louis

“Daddy?” Analaine calls, right before Louis makes it to the doorway.

“Yes, Analaine?”

“Are we still in trouble?”

“You are still in very big trouble.” Louis responds, flipping off their light so the nightlight is the only source.

“Daddy?” Jaymi speaks up, curiosity getting the better of him.

“Yes, Jaymi?”

“What is the thingy that Ana founded in your bedroom?” Jaymi questions, most of his tears completely gone.

Louis had put the condom in his back pocket a few minutes earlier thinking that if it was out of their sights it would be out of their minds. He and Harry had thought they had been able to avoid that topic, guess not.

Harry and Louis’ motto for answering questions like these when talking to toddlers is be honest, keep it short, and keep it simple.

“It’s something that adults use.”

“What do they use it for?” Analaine asks, adding to her brother’s curiosity.

“They use it for protection.” Harry says, answering his daughter.

“Protection from what?” Jaymi questions, his toddler self thirsting for new knowledge.

“Protection from getting sick.” Louis replies, in reference to STDs Clearly, he and Harry only use them for pregnancy prevention since he hasn’t gotten a vasectomy, yet, and they’re both clean. He doesn’t add these facts when talking to the twins. He just hopes they’re done with their questions.

“How does it keep you from getting sick?” Analaine questions and Louis understands this pattern. After one twin asks a question the other follows. They could be here for a while since Harry and Louis will never brush off a question, no matter what it’s about.

“It covers up a part of your body so no one will get sick from it.” Harry replies, being as non descriptive as possible.

“How about we stop with questions for now? If you have more, we’ll answer them later.” Louis interjects before a twin can think up another question and they’re forced to answer it.

The twins both nod as they let out big yawns.

“Goodnight.” Louis says, even though it’s technically early morning.


So, a couple of lessons were learned here today. For the twins, no snooping, stealing, or sneaking and as for Louis, he needs to find a better place to hide his condoms.

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